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Postnatal health

Urethrocele advice needed

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PurpleMumma · 03/06/2019 20:50

I had my baby boy (8lb 8oz) 7 weeks ago via episiotomy and forceps.
It took 5 weeks for the majority of heaviness and aching to subside but I am not left with a bulging feeling and still struggling to walk far without discomfort.
I have noticed that my urethra is very noticeable and looks very angry. I am also struggling to empty my bladder and the urine is very stop start when it comes out.
Does this sounds like urethrocele?
Has anyone else had this following childbirth and if so what were your symptoms and what treatment did you have?
I am booked to see a physio in a couple of weeks but I can’t stop thinking about what it is and how and when it will go away. It’s making me feel very down and unable to enjoy my baby Sad

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