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Postnatal health

how to stop milk coming in and the pain?

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Mumoftwox · 26/05/2019 21:45

hi, my son is 2 days old originally I was breastfeeding until the doctors have told me the medication I am on for mixed connective tissue disease cant be used when breastfeeding, stopping the medication is not an option. how do I stop my milk coming in or any tips to ease the pain?

OP posts:
Lairydea · 26/05/2019 22:06

You can't stop it from coming in unfortunately but you can help slightly and within a few days to a week it will ease. La Leche league is a really good source of information but I have had friends that swear by the old fashioned firm control sports bra and no touching them at all. I think the modern advice is to hand express a little for comfort and to reduce your chances of mastitis - if you have any sign of a fever and flu-like symptoms see medical advice.
Try the la leche league or Kellymom for the most up to date advice though. Good luck!

cudbywestrangers · 26/05/2019 23:08

You can ask to be given a single dose of cabergoline... it is recommended in guidelines for some conditions that mean breast feeding isn't an option

Hollylolly28 · 27/05/2019 10:53

Cold cabbage leaves... Midwife recommended and really helped make sure you take pain killers and wear a really supportive even tight bra and avoid touching or lying in a hot bath and should pass in a few days. I feel for you it's very painful

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