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Mastitis/abscess help

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sw41 · 22/05/2019 14:27

Just wondering if anyone has ever had to have a breast abscess surgically removed?

My LO is 8 weeks and ever since birth I've had a horrific time & just seems to be one thing after another.

It started with an emergency c/s under general anaesthetic. Then I got post dural puncture headache for 2 weeks from a CSF leak in my spine that needed a corrective procedure. This was shortly followed by mastitis and now I have a breast abscess.

They have tried draining the abscess 4 times with needle aspiration but now I need surgery under general anaesthetic. I'm terrified. My LO is exclusively breastfed

Has anyone gone through this? I don't know what to expect or what to think? Will I be able to feed afterwards?

Just wanna see if anyone has experience with this ?

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