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Postnatal health

Very leaky boobs

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Gobletoffire · 13/05/2019 12:21

DS is 8 weeks old and is breastfed. During the day he tends to have little and often, there is no set pattern to his feeds really. During the night he is in more of a routine and goes around 3-4 hours between feeds, on average two feeds per night. Ever since my milk came in a couple of days after leaving hospital my boobs have been incredibly leaky. At night I have to have big muslins down my top and I am always waking up soaked and freezing cold. I have tried breast pads and a bra during the night but the milk still soaks through and I find wearing a bra uncomfortable to sleep in. They are painful before they leak and this always wakes me up, and it isn’t just a gentle drip either, milk is actually spraying out of them. This always happens in the day too and I end up in a right mess and if I feed from one boob then milk sprays from the other. To be honest it’s getting me down a bit. Is this normal? Could this be because he feeds so often during the day and just has little bits at a time? I mentioned it to both the health visitor and midwife some time ago and they said once my milk is established this should subside a little but surely after 8 weeks it shouldn’t be like this? If anything it’s getting worse.

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Candycats · 19/05/2019 21:42

My DS is 12 weeks old now and my supply only established about a week or two ago. Up until that point if I went a few hours without feeding (overnight etc) my boobs would get so engorged and be so painful! That's totally stopped now but when feeding on one boob I still leak out of the other one, but it doesn't spray as much anymore. I also still get slightly painful letdown which it sounds like you might have. Things have definitely got better since my supply established though so just wanted to say it can take a few weeks but it will get easier! The breastfeeding consultant said I had an 'abundant supply' which I suppose is better than too little!

AmandaNicole · 20/05/2019 18:05

I've had the exact same thing. I'd have to change tops in the middle of the night (really confused DH the first few times!) and would go through multiple sets of breast pads a day. My LO is 4mo this week and it's definitely balanced out - probably started getting better about 3mo.

Take care in the knowledge that it means you're producing enough milk to take care of your LO! And in the meantime, I'd recommend changing your breast pads throughout the day. And use a breast shell or haakaa on the opposite boob when you're feeding to collect the letdown - you'll create a nice little freezer stash without much effort.

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