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2-day-old feeding too quickly?

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HJE17 · 23/03/2019 12:34

Hi all, it took me a couple of weeks to establish good breastfeeding with DC1. DC2 is now 2 days old... totally different experience. He latched right on and I’ve already had a decent supply. The midwife said he should feed for 30-45 minutes per feed at this stage, which is what I remember from DD1. He did 5 pees his first 24 hours so that’s a good indication have been going well... HOWEVER: the past 3 feeds instead of 30 minutes he’s been finished in 12. No interest in continuing, no interest in the other side. Can he possibly be getting enough this way??? My DD didn’t get down to 10 minute feeds until she was about 5 months old.

And if he should feed for longer, any tips on how to keep him interested?

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PlayingForKittens · 23/03/2019 13:37

30 minutes? Every baby is different, at this stage so long as feeding for between 10 and 40 min, effective suckling pattern, comes off themself, stooling, settled between feeds (whether that is for 30min of being settled or 2 hours) then chances are your baby is doing just fine.

HJE17 · 23/03/2019 13:40

Ok, very reassuring! Thanks!

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katmarie · 23/03/2019 13:44

I was told anything longer than 5 minutes was good. Also as long as it's coming out the other end frequently and hes a good colour, gaining weight etc, then nothing to worry about. Congrats on your baby :)

WhenZogateSuperworm · 23/03/2019 13:46

My DS only ever fed for 5 minutes at a time right from birth to being 1. However he did feed every 1-2 hours all day and night. He was just a snacker and nothing we could do improved it.

Preggosaurus9 · 23/03/2019 13:49

Some babies are just very efficient feeders. DC1 was very similar to your DC2. It was nerve wracking at first and I worried he wasn't getting enough but soon learned his cues and he was just very efficient. He did do epic cluster feeding during the early growth spurts though! But after that things settled down and he never fed for more than about 7 minutes each side, max!

Preggosaurus9 · 23/03/2019 13:51

Should add, although the advice was to offer both sides at each feed, he only ever wanted 1 per feed. I ended up block feeding (2 feeds in a row from same side) as ended up with oversupply causing excess wind and discomfort. When he got much bigger e.g. 8 months he sometimes wanted both sides.

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