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Postnatal health

8 months post partum, is this normal?

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TheRhythmlessMan · 10/02/2019 21:03

I am still leaking urine but only a little bit. Enough to need to wear protection every day. It's been like this since about 5 months into pregnancy. I feel like my pelvic floor is strong. I don't notice gushes or even feel it's happening... I think it's a slow 'trickle' perhaps.

Also I find sex terribly painful. I had stitches after a 3a tear. Now it just feels too 'tight'. DH has never actually been inside me since the birth. Is it possible I've been stitched up too tightly? Or is it normal for it to take so long to recover. DH is very understanding.

I know I should talk to a dr about this but I just wanted to get an insight into what other women have experienced first.

OP posts:
littlecabbage · 10/02/2019 21:05

Not normal to leak urine, no. Are you doing pelvic floor exercises? See your GP and ask for referral to a women's health physio/pelvic physio.

The inability to be penetrated also sounds wrong. Gp needs to assess.

QuintadiMalago · 10/02/2019 21:10

This doesn't sound right or normal, some discomfort with first time sex after a vaginal birth is to be expected but what you're describing is far more than that. Can you talk to your doctor or another health care practitioner

maxiflump1 · 10/02/2019 21:10

I had a third degree tear with DS but managed to have sex without issues after a couple of months from giving birth. Does sound strange that you are still trickling as well. I know it's embarrassing but think you need to get checked out. Good luck Thanks

TheRhythmlessMan · 11/02/2019 06:44

Ok thank you all. In a way I'm pleased to hear you say this because it means I can hopefully get it sorted.

I regularly do pelvic floor exercises and did during pregnancy too. So as you say, something's not right.

OP posts:
TheRhythmlessMan · 11/02/2019 06:47

Is this something I can discuss with a health visitor or do they just deal with the baby side of things? I don't want to ask and then get a reaction as if why the hell am I asking them!
Doctor is a three week wait usually.

OP posts:
MaverickSnoopy · 11/02/2019 07:00

I think you'd need to see GP. Don't think HV deals with you type issues. I recall raising something about my PP infection and was told Dr should help.

TheRhythmlessMan · 11/02/2019 07:47

Ok. Yes I suppose if I need to see a specialist a HV couldn't help.

OP posts:
ReaganSomerset · 11/02/2019 07:50

I've only asked about baby related stuff, but in my experience unless what I'm describing is normal (which it isn't in your case) they just say to go to the doctors. May as well cut out the middle man.

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