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Postnatal health

Vaginal wall laxity / prolapse

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joannat1980 · 09/02/2019 17:41

Am currently 11 weeks PP after a rough forceps delivery. Since then have felt like everything's about to fall out and walking uncomfortable. Wasn't getting any better so saw a women's health physio who diagnosed mild to moderate anterior and posterior vaginal wall laxity / prolapse. She used the terms interchangeably, are they the same thing?? No continence issues so to speak, just the feeling of something hanging out when walking driving me nuts. Can't see anything when I look but can't really get anything 'up there' when I'm standing and cavernous when lying down 😕

Am doing the exercises religiously but anxious about how it will pan out in the end.

Anyone have anything similar? Feeling really anxious about it. Thanks in advance for any info....

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 09/02/2019 20:27

Sorry OP I've not experienced this but hopefully someone will be along soon who has.

Congratulations on your also too Thanks

smellsofelderberries · 12/02/2019 10:12

Ah, it sucks, doesn't it? Did your physio offer to fit you for a pessary? Do you have any follow up appointments? I can PM you with some good Facebook groups for prolapse if you fancy. It's a huge diagnosis to receive, but at 11 weeks you're still recovering, especially from such a traumatic birth. The whole 6 weeks thing is absolute crap. I had a 'dream' water birth and still ended up with an anterior prolapse and it took me about 14 months (which was 4 months after my period returned) to start feeling normal.

Joannat1980 · 12/02/2019 14:26

Thanks smellsofelderberries, that info would be great. Are you feeling back to normal now or are there things you can't do? I was so active before with running and sports and i hate to think I won't be able to go back.

Yes, the six weeks thing is an absolute joke isn't it?? I was chatting to a pal about it recently and she said it was close to a year before her body was feeling even close to back to normal. Now it's sunk in I'm feeling a bit better, physio did say this sort of issue was sooo common and lots of ladies would just live with it and not really know there was an issue at this stage. I'll be seeing her again in a few weeks to assess how the exercises are helping, have a 'moderate' pelvic floor strength at the moment so hopefully an improvement in that will help. Will ask about the pessary.

Thanks for your help ☺

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