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Postnatal health

Baby is 15 months old still no regular periods

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Littlelou1508 · 20/01/2019 21:15

Hi im now 40 and my youngest is 15 months old all healthy, but im getting concerned about that i havent had a period yet, baby wasnt breastfed, doctor doesnt seem that interested, is this normal?

OP posts:
Anonalongadingdong123 · 20/01/2019 21:18

I would go back to your GP to ask for your hormone levels to be checked. Over 12 months without a period I would think should be investigated.

DeadDoorpost · 20/01/2019 21:18

Not sure if it's normal but is there a chance you're pregnant again? I'd do a test to rule that out, and if you're then still concerned then speak to the HV for some advice or ask to specifically speak to a Dr whose professional interests involve women's health. Get a second and third opinion if you have to. Hope you get some answers.

Anonalongadingdong123 · 20/01/2019 21:25

I was thinking perimenopausal perhaps? Were you regular before?

Littlelou1508 · 20/01/2019 21:42

All regular all my life, but took nearly a year last time i was pregnant (1st born at 36 years old) to get them back to normal, had a 2 year break then fell pregnant straight away, i knew it would take time but worried as now 40 and baby is 15 months old and nothing 😢

OP posts:
Anonalongadingdong123 · 21/01/2019 16:03

Shame others arent able to reassure you with their experiences. I bf so the return of my period coincided with weaning. Maybe the Dr is just going by your last pregnancy but I'd go back after another missed month and raise it again.

Rainbowknickers · 21/01/2019 16:05

I've had 6 DCs and not had a proper period since dd1 22 years ago I'd pop to the docs to rule out any problems good luck!

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