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Postnatal health

First postnatal period- help!

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Alicia870 · 05/01/2019 20:20

I've just started my first period after having my dd 13 weeks ago. It is so heavy!! My period were normally very manageable and relatively pain free. But this one is heavy and I've got really bad pelvic pain. It's right around my pubic bone and earlier when I went to sit down too quick i yelped out in pain! Is this normal?? What's going on!

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Hawkmoth · 05/01/2019 20:22

Did you have SPD in pregnancy? The hormones around your period can make it get worse again so you need to be careful with lifting and look after your back until it gets better.

Alicia870 · 05/01/2019 20:26

@Hawkmoth I didn't actually have it in pregnancy. I have had several issues post delivery with tailbone pain and back pain and going to physio for it. But haven't had any of this specific type of pain around the pubic area like what I'm having now. What could it be caused by?

OP posts:
Hawkmoth · 05/01/2019 20:36

I would ask your physio. I had both sacro iliac pain and pelvic pain and it is all connected.

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