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Postnatal health

Can’t stop worrying

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Mummychloe9 · 07/12/2018 20:59

FTM to a gorgeous girl 10 days old. Completely smitten with her but can’t stop worrying something might be wrong. When I carry her down the stairs I worry about dropping her and have horrible images of her being hurt. Or I worry about if my labour was too hard on her (had a c section as I couldn’t push her out and they weren’t able to use forceps) and perhaps she suffered and will have ceraebral palsy. Or when I wake in the night I think I’ve fallen asleep with her and suffocated her. Or if I don’t hear her making noises in her sleep I am worried about SIDS and almost too frightened to look on her crib to check. I’ve also become quite emotional today and yesterday, is this baby blues or PND? Worried that my worries are effecting her somehow. OH wants me to try to relax but I can’t seem to manage.

OP posts:
Florries · 07/12/2018 21:07

I could have written this 7 months ago!!! I was exactly the same and kept getting intrusive thoughts about my baby dieing in awful ways. Like I'd just be walking down the street with him and then bam, in my head I'd imagine we got hit by a car. It was awful. I remember how upsetting it is and really feel for you.

The good news is it's not you!! It's your hormones. They've taken a huge dip after giving birth and it takes a while to level out. Mine didn't level out and I needed a boost. Was treated for PND+anxiety. Life for better soooooo quickly and I don't worry anymore.

I urge you to speak to your HV or GP as soon as poss as it's soooooo bloody common and such an easy fix.

Wish you all the best and it will get better. It's not you.

And massive congratulations!!! The newborn fog is crazy but it really does wizz past and so soon you'll be where I am now with a happy, healthy 7 month old wondering where on earth your dinky dot has gone!!

PulyaSochsup · 07/12/2018 21:09

I can identify with this so much. You're overtired and worrying about anything happening to her or anyone hurting her, even you. Try and bear in mind that your body and brain have been through huge trauma and change. Speaking to your mw or hv might help, sometimes it can cause problems if it goes on too long. Congratulations and please try not to worry Flowers

Mummychloe9 · 07/12/2018 23:15

Thank you both very much, it really helps to know I’m not alone (or absolutely crackers- which is sort of how i feel these days)

@Florries we’re you put on any dot of medication? @Pulyasochsup What helped you? Xx

OP posts:
PulyaSochsup · 07/12/2018 23:22

For me, it was remembering that it was something transient. In the same way as knowing leaky boobs and sudden mood dips were part and parcel of early motherhood, I tried to remember that it was some sort of damage caused by pregnancy, birth and then looking after a new baby. I think trying not to get too tired and being able to tell someone if/ when I felt overwhelmed helped. Well done for asking for help, I found that very hard.

Mummychloe9 · 08/12/2018 17:57

Thank you, feeling a bit beetter already today hopefully just a temporary feeling. But reckon it can go up and down. Was worried when OH was boiling water , had a vision of it falling and scalding the baby.

OP posts:
GnTplease · 08/12/2018 18:00

I had this too. My anxiety was quite overwhelming at times and I wasn't sleeping or eating much for a good 3 weeks after birth. Thankfully it has subsided significantly as my hormones have balanced out, although I did have a horrendously bad few days before my first post partum period so be warned if you suddenly feel horrendously low/anxious it may be severe PMT!!

PulyaSochsup · 08/12/2018 18:22

GnT has a very good point about pmt.

user1493413286 · 08/12/2018 18:25

I had this too; my DH has an older DD and I remember asking him if I’ll be worrying like this forever. He was quite reassuring that it would settle down; now my DD is 18 months I do worry about things but not at an intrusive level and it just makes me think ahead a bit more.

Mummychloe9 · 08/12/2018 19:06

Thank you, it’s really quite rubbish and frightening to have these thoughts. I would never ever want to hurt my baby but just the idea of something happening ...makes me feel ill.

We are not at two weeks and I am ebf, is it not a bit early for PMT? Must I start thinking about contraception’s now? Confused

OP posts:
Florries · 08/12/2018 19:55

Yes I take tablets - Setraline. I also had CBT which was very beneficial. A couple of weeks after starting the tablets I felt like me again and back to normal. No more awful worry. Just the normal amount you had before you gave birth. Bliss.

Clarashan · 08/12/2018 23:42

Had/ have this too. Dd is now 6 weeks and it's calmed down a bit but still get very anxious especially when we're out and about m, the pram rolling away, being hit my a car, people thinking I'm a bad mum when she cries. Confused

Thisimmortalcurl · 08/12/2018 23:45

I think completely normal at the moment however very important to share what’s going on with professionals... without fear! If it continues for the next month or so I would then think about medication.
But just now I was completely the same . It bloody horrible xx

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