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Postnatal health

Hair loss.

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MelonB · 18/09/2018 22:07

I know hair loss can be quite normal after having a baby. I gave birth in January and it was quite gradual up until a couple of months ago, but now it seems to be coming out in clumps. My lovely thick hair is now anything but! Are there any natural remedies worth trying? Is there anything a go can do/prescribe or would I be wasting their time?
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Wetwashing00 · 18/09/2018 22:15

I was you a few years ago, firstly I would Ask your doctor for a thyroid function test.

Wicket2016 · 18/09/2018 22:44

Hi op, I'm a hairdresser who's just had my first dd. It's very common unfortunately and all down to hormones. Your hair goes through cycles of growing, being dorment and then falling out. However some women just don't loose as much during pregnancy, then when it starts to fall out it can be very alarming. It will come back, but maybe visit your hairdresser just to check it's not alopecia (this looks very different, you would have smooth shiny areas of scalp) or anything. There's a range of products called Nioxin that are specially designed to help with this sort of hair loss, it's all about strengthening the hair you have left and keeping your scalp healthy and encouraging new growth. It won't hurt to try and they offer a money back guarantee. Have a google, but try not to worry xxx

MelonB · 19/09/2018 13:00

Thank you. I shall explore both suggestions

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