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Postnatal health

Heavy bleeding 6 weeks PP

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MrsGrif1992 · 02/07/2018 11:31

I know the general advice is that if your soaking a pad an hour to go to the doctor but is this a maternity pad or just your regular flow always pad?
I’d just been having some brown bleeding/discharge for the last 3 weeks so I downgraded from the maternity pads but then yesterday I started with super heavy bleeding out of nowhere. I’m not sure if this is my period or what? I’ve gonr through nearly a full pack of pads since yesterday morning. I’ve even had a tampon in too and still managed to leak but having said that I don’t think it would be enough to soak a maternity pad.
Anyone else had this? Is it my period or do I need to give my gp a call? Should mention LO is 6 weeks this week & is FF.
hoping it is AF as DH & I got a little carried away following our first drink after baby last week and I’m definitely not ready for another! Sat here feeling like a naive school girl on that front...

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