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C section recovery- how long to be up and about?

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CremeDeSudo · 20/06/2018 18:00

Currently a week into recovery from an elective c section. I had SPD during pregnancy and I can't wait to be able to go out for a walk with my new baby in her pram - when d'you think I can reasonably expect to be able to do this? Can't bloody wait!

OP posts:
Goostacean · 20/06/2018 18:03

I went out with baby and DH on day 5... so, section Wednesday night, veeeeery slow wander round the corner to Nero on the Monday.
My midwife said you’re good to go whenever you feel up to it, as long as you take it very easy and work up to longer trips. We literally walked for 10 mins (would usually take 5), coffee, and back home- but it felt good, and I was so excited to take the pram out!
Congratulations on your new arrival 😊

BeverlyGoldberg · 20/06/2018 18:26

Whenever you feel ready.

My advice is to take it very very easy and then quit while you're ahead so leave something in the tank.

I went 'all out' immediately after an energy section... and regretted it!

Just be really kind to yourself.

Congratulations by the way. You're awesome 💐

Postymalone · 20/06/2018 18:28

I was up, showered and walking around with 2 hours.
I went out with my baby 2 days later.

Different for everyone.

BeverlyGoldberg · 20/06/2018 18:36

"Emergency" not energy.

Just go with what feels right for you.

CremeDeSudo · 20/06/2018 19:43

Thank you all the 😊

I went to Tesco on day 3 and had to be wheelchaired back out! So nervous of pushing it again.

Can't wait to feel mobile again!

OP posts:
Goostacean · 20/06/2018 19:55

Tesco?! Lady, you need to rest up! Kindly note I went for a coffee, not a household task! 😁☕️

ShowOfHands · 20/06/2018 20:01

Just listen to your body but do try and be up and moving as it aids recovery.

Like a previous poster, I've had two emcs, up and about within two hours and moving round normally straight away. I was doing a 2 mile school run on day 5. I moved a little slower than normal but knew from the first emcs that getting up and getting on was the key to recovery.

Pushing things is not good for recovery btw. Prams and shopping trolleys and hoovers aren't good. I had the baby in a sling.

CremeDeSudo · 20/06/2018 20:16

I wasn't doing a shop, the intention was to walk to the baby aisle which is right at the front of the store with DH (who had the trolley with the baby) then go to the coffee shop while he got the rest. I made it half way then came over all funny Blush

I had a high risk pregnancy and SPD so have been taking it easy and unable to walk far since January, the last week I was on bed rest. I was just too excited to not be pregnant anymore!

OP posts:
Goostacean · 20/06/2018 21:01

Being not-pregnant is the best (obviously in the context of having had the baby- obviously many women would give their left leg to be pregnant).

Sometimes I reminisce about how giant and uncomfortable I was, just to be smug that I’m now NOT 😊

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