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Breastfeeding and mini pill but still bleeding 4 months post partum. Dilemma whether to stop breastfeeding to stop bleeding.

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FreshRoseBunch · 08/06/2018 12:33

I am having such dilemma. By son was born 4 months ago (at 29 weeks, all rather suddenly) and I went on the mini pill ( noriday) 21 days after birth as I wanted to breastfeed. However, I have pretty much been bleeding ever since. I have not had more than 3-5 days without blood. I saw my GP who told me to take double of the noriday plus a herbal therapy called bioflinoids. I did all of this and am now getting about max 6-7 days without blood but then it still comes back.
It has made things so difficult for my relationship with my partner as I just don't want to be with him whilst bleeding. We have been through hell and back having a premature baby in hospital for 12 weeks and this is the last thing that I need.
I have got to the point where I just want these periods gone no matter what and so am considering going back onto my combined pill which I was on for 3 years and never had a problem. However if I do this then I have to give up breastfeeding.
My son has been through so much and one thing that really calms his is breastfeeding. He loves it and tbh so do I.
But it is making me and my husband so depressed that I just don't know if it is worth it anymore.
I just want control of my body but also I want was is best for my son.
It is so hard :'(

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 08/06/2018 14:24

You don't have to give up breastfeeding to take the combined pill. It is ok to take from 6 weeks after birth. It may affect milk supply but then again it may not

dementedpixie · 08/06/2018 14:25

Alternatively try a different mini pill. I found cerazette stopped my periods and it has a different hormone than noriday

Verbena87 · 25/06/2018 11:58

Cerazette great for me too - milk supply is fine and although I bled for 3 months (sorry!) the first time I went on it before I had a baby, this time I had no bleeding at all, and both times I’ve been on it I’ve had no periods at all. You shouldn’t have to choose between breastfeeding and a happy marriage! If changing pill doesn’t work, maybe stop and use condoms for a bit?

Best of luck

Dermymc · 25/06/2018 11:59

Could you use another form of contraception and come off any tablets for a while? Your body may settle itself naturally then.

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