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Pain in coccyx 20 months on...

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CakesAreGreat · 20/04/2018 18:50

My son is now 20mo. It was a traumatic birth as he was big and it ended in a third degree tear with a post labour spinal for the stitching up op. My son was born healthy thank goodness but ever since I've had excruciating pain in my tailbone when I sit on a firm chair for any longer than a couple of minutes.
Has anyone else had this? It's been particularly bad over the past few days Sad

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CakesAreGreat · 21/04/2018 08:00


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ladybirdees · 21/04/2018 08:10

I had this. My son is now 6. For the first 2 years I found it painful to sit on anything hard and see saws were excruciating. Sent shooting pain up my spine. When I was pregnant with my second I spoke to the midwife, and after initially being dismissive it could be related she said I might have displaced my coccyx during birth as I had rotational forceps. It has got MUCH better thankfully but I think I will always have lingering discomfort there. If it's really bad I would have it investigated. A little research told me that sometimes you can get a fracture and they can do an operation to remove part of it to improve symptoms. As mine slowly improved and I was busy being a new Mum I left it but I would get it checked if it's so painful. You don't want it to be problematic in years to come.

pinguina16 · 21/04/2018 16:07

Hi @CakesAreGreat,

I suffer from chronic coccyx pain like you. Depending on how hard the seat is, how long I sit for, what position I sit in, the pain will be "better" or worse.

I spent more than a year without driving and now use a coccyx cushion at home and in the car. Coccyx Sero pressure.

I saw a women's health physio for a long time. I strengthened my pelvic floor. I should have carried on with pilates to carry on rebuilding my core but needed a break (to have a life). Now I'm back with physio but both women's health and orthopedic. I have pilates exercises to do and will join a weekly class.

There's no guarantee it'll work but the idea is to get all my muscles as strong as possible (my belly bulges because my muscles are too weak for example) and see how it affects the pain (ie if coccyx is better suspended, the pain might lessen).

In a few months, once I've done the work, we will reevaluate and if no change, I'll certainly be referred to a pain management clinic.

My understanding is that there are many things at play when it comes to coccyx pain and you need very individualised care.

Go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a women's health physio. That's where I would start. Learning to completely relax the pelvic floor when doing pelvic floor exercises is paramount in not aggravating coccyx pain for example. A women's health physiotherapist can check how you're doing this.

Otherwise, stretching your gluts might help when the pain is bad.

I'm sorry you're on the same boat. Flowers

CakesAreGreat · 23/04/2018 12:24

Thank you both for getting back to me.
I'd like to try for another baby this year and I don't know if it will make the situation worse? Is it something I should try to sort first or should I wait until I've finished having children. I will make an appointment with my gp as suggested Flowers

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ladybirdees · 24/04/2018 21:11

I was pregnant with my second 9 months after I had my first so it didn't stop me going for another and I didn't have a problem during that pregnancy. But I was very worried and spoke at length to the midwife about definitely not having forceps again! I ended up have an elcs for various reasons but I can say my coccyx wasn't an issue or the pain certainly didn't get worse during or post pregnancy and has since improved immeasurably. So don't let this put you off but do seek medical advice so you can be treated or appropriately. Sounds like physio could be a great start. Good luck with it all, I hope you feel better.

CakesAreGreat · 25/04/2018 18:46

Thanks ladybirdees. I'm eligible for a c-Sec next time round due to my tear with my son. The risks and recovery times with a c-Sec worry me but so does another tear and possible incontinece so I've just got to work out what to do if the time comes.

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