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Postnatal health

Periods after birth when breastfeeding

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mindutopia · 05/04/2018 13:58

Has anyone gotten their periods back right away after birth even though they're exclusively breastfeeding?

I'm 6 weeks pp after having my 2nd. With my first, I was breastfeeding for 6 weeks and then combi feeding and then ff from 10 weeks and I didn't get my periods back until I went on the pill again after 5 months (and even then, obviously not a real period, only a withdrawal bleed).

Lochia mostly stopped after 2 weeks, with occasional spotting, but nothing at all for at least 2 weeks now. The past week I've had a few weird instances of cramping, which was enough to make me think, hmm, I wonder what that is? But nothing more than that. Yesterday I had some spotting and now today I have what looks like the start of my period. My cycles are very regular, 28 days, ovulation on day 14. I also seem to be pretty fertile, pregnant 3 times now (1 mc) pretty much straightaway each time; I'm 37. But even with that, I assumed I wouldn't start again until after I was breastfeeding less frequently (currently it's still every 1.5-2 hours). I know lochia can come back a bit if you do too much, but past 3 days my dd has been in holiday club as it's Easter holidays, and as I know it will be my last quiet time with baby for the next 10 days, I've truly done nothing but sit in front of the tv and feed him all day. It's been nothing but relaxing and I've not been on my feet at all.

Is it really possible to get your period again at 6 weeks when ebf? We're done having babies and I plan to get my tubes tied next year, but I was hoping I'd at least have a little respite before I had to think about my cycle coming back! Shock Sad

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