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Clicky hip. How accurate is the test at midwife check

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ExhaustedAndHormonal · 10/03/2018 15:16

So my newborn had the baby 'mot,', "and being referred for a scan for right clicky hip

How accurate is the initial test..? If found on scan what's the next step.. Is it likely to heal itself or need help x

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ForumUsername · 10/03/2018 19:12

Our dd was sent for a scan while we were in hospital as it was caught there
I'm in Ireland so it might not be the same as UK but the following is our story so far

Scan showed it was dislocated so we were sent to children's hospital where she was put in a Pavlik harness at 5 days old for 8 weeks
She is in it 24/7 except every wed morning when we bath her and bring her to clinic for it to be put back on
As she's been in it from almost birth it doesn't bother her
It's more annoying for us as you can only put clothes on her top half and it's awkward to change and wash her
(It's also a little sad she can't wear cute baby grows and outfits but not the end of the world really)

We had another scan 2 weeks in to treatment to make sure it was working, it was. Otherwise she'd of been taken out of it and may of needed surgery

We've 2 weeks left in the harness
She'll be scanned on the last day and hopefully that will be all (Pavlik harness has been proven to work in majority of cases especially when started in first few months of life)
If it isn't fixed they'll put her in a brace for 8 weeks. I understand the brace isn't as annoying as the harness as it goes on over clothes and you can take it off to change etc
If after those 8 weeks it isn't fixed she'll be kept in the brace but only at night for a further 8 weeks
And if that doesn't work it'll be surgery when she's 3 but with regular scans in between as it can grow normally

I have heard that at there is very little evidence that the surgery actually prevents having to have surgeries later in life though
Our pediatrician is a little skeptical about it all even though his wife has had 2 hip replacements and his daughter was in the Pavlik harness.

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