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Cerelle Issues, please help

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hula16 · 27/11/2017 14:06

Cerelle - issues?
Hi all,

Ive been taking cerelle for two months now and feel pretty lousy.
I've been bleeding or spotting lots, but nothing heavy.

I'm a paranoid I'm pregnant. I've taken 11 tests (🙈 Over the last 5 weeks or so, 3 today), all negative, but I'm still worried. I'm almost 6 months post partum but feel like I can feel flutters. Please tell me someone else has felt like this and wasn't pregnant.

Anyone had any unwelcome side effects from cerelle? I hate it. Need to look at alternatives.


OP posts:
hula16 · 27/11/2017 19:05

Bump, anyone?

OP posts:
Ontheboardwalk · 27/11/2017 21:36

I felt rotten when I first started taking it.

I had really sore boobs and I could smell absolutely everything and everything I smelt made me want to be sick!

I stuck with it and the symptoms calmed down after about 4 months. I still get boobs for a week during the pack but I’ve not bled for 3 years since I've been on Cerelle so totally worth it for me.

I’ve heard people say it’s a cheaper version of the Cerazette mini pill so you could ask your GP to change or wait a couple more months?

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