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Postnatal health

help me

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hoolahoola22 · 21/11/2017 14:25

Had my daughter 4 months ago,since I had her I keep getting urine infections,I get given antibiotics then come off them then I get another one,have been sent for an ultrasound scan and blood tests,all normal, then was referred to a urologist,they have said they want me to have a cystoscopy and dialation as they think due to childbirth my urethra??has gotten narrow,anyway this only helps for 50 percent of people,waiting list is 3 months,in the meantime I have to stay on antibiotics for 6 months to keep the infections away,so basically I wont even know if the procedure has worked until I can come off the antibiotics 3 months after the procedure,since all this has been going on ive been up the docs every week,i never used to feel anxious but since all this with my health I feel anxious to the point where I'm thinking right hubby is off tomorrow then I'm on my own thurs fri,then he finishes early at the weekend,and I'm living my days like this,and waking up every morning and thinking oh ive got this pain today or this symptom,today the doc has mentioned it might all be post natal and don't let it go too far is what she said,Before I started getting the infections I felt fine within myself,i don't feel depressed,the only think getting me down and worrying me is my health,Please help has anyone gone through this I feel like the docs don't understand and just want to get you out the door,sorry this is so long

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Acrosstheuniverse123 · 21/11/2017 14:31

D Mannose is supposed to be fantastic for UTI's. It sounds terribly debilitating, no wonder you feel so down. Eat lots of live unsweetened plain yogurt and take a good quality Probiotic to balance the bacteria in your system as antibiotics obliterate everything and are very bad for immunity . Drink lots of water and cranberry juice, watch your health generally, eat well, cut out sugar and alcohol - hope you get better.

hoolahoola22 · 21/11/2017 14:39

Thank you,I am drinking so much water I am constantly on the toilet,feel like I cant go anywhere incase I wet myself,can just about make it to do the school run and back [20 mins] haven't been drinking,i try to cut out sugar but its quite hard,i feel like the whole thing is consuming my life,i know that sounds a bit dramatic and I feel guilty cos I know so many people are much worse off than me but at the moment I just feel like I'm not getting any enjoyment out of life,dont eat this don't drink that don't have sex,again I know it sounds dramatic but I cant help how I feel

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