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Postnatal health

Pill after pregnancy, not stopped bleeding!

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Twinmumessex · 31/10/2017 17:59

I went back on the pill 6 weeks after giving birth. After a week, I started bleeding and haven’t stopped. I’m now in the 7 days break and hoping that when I start the next pack, it will normalise everything and I’ll stop bleeding. Anyone had same experience? Whole point of going back on it was to try and get sex life back to normal and it’s done the opposite 😂

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user1496521049 · 31/10/2017 18:42

I had something similar. I was bleeding for the whole of the first pack of the pill as well as the 7 days off. It did sort itself out once I started the second pack. I still get the odd mid-cycle spotting (which I didn't get before being pregnant) but the docs have said it's hormonal.

Remember your hormones are all over the place and will take a while to sort themselves out!

Hope this helps

Twinmumessex · 31/10/2017 21:05


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