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Postnatal health

Hormones making me feel ill?

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Hamonrye · 13/09/2017 19:07

Hello all, I am 7 months post partial with my third child. I have been EBF but he is now on 3 meals a day so feeding less. He does however have 1-2 feeds a night.

For the last few months I have been feeling rubbish on and off - nauseous, dizzy, fuzzy etc and all over the place emotionally. I have that hangover type feeling you get when you are pregnant - and I felt like I was due my period any day but it never came. I am not pregnant BTW!

Finally got my first period after having the baby last week but it was very light. The day before I threw up and felt rubbish. Period has now stopped but still have same symptoms.

Thyroid all fine at the moment (I take thyroxine). I guess I am wondering if my hormones settling / fluctuating can make me feel this yucky? I am desperate for it all to settle down and thought that my periods coming back would reset everything and I would start to feel like myself again?!

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