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Postnatal health

6-8 week check

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EAM150717 · 09/09/2017 18:42

What happened at your 6-8 week check?
After waiting 45 minutes in the waiting room I was in and out in two minutes after doctor squeezed baby's hips and shone a torch in her eyes.
Is that really all they do?
He asked me no questions didn't ask after nor examine me. I was under the impression after a bit of googling that they would check my stomach, ask how I was especially as I had an episiotomy and a problem with my stitches after and talk about general health.

I didn't really give it much thought until I left as it was so hot, the doctor smelt bad and I didn't feel very comfortable with him anyway. I enquired at a slimming club and a baby yoga group this week but both said I needed to have the all clear from this check. So have I had the all clear then even though they didn't do anything with me and barely baby?

OP posts:
snackarella · 09/09/2017 18:44

Sounds like a crap
Job! Maybe rebook?! Or call your midwife and ask them if you can be seen by someone from the community team ?! Mine took about 30 mins if I remember rightly and they checked loads more on baby and also me (emcs)

Vonklump · 09/09/2017 18:49

Mine have all been a waste of time, although as I was there anyway having the baby's vaccinations and each assessment took under five minutes very little actual time was spent. The baby check was more thorough, mine was pointless and seemed wholly a tickbox exercise.

boatrace30 · 09/09/2017 18:51

I remember being really frustrated. I'd had a c section and was concerned about my stitches as they were weeping. The doctor just wanted to talk about contraception (really wasn't necessary!) and was a bit surprised when I asked her to check my wound.

The baby one was better though (they were done separately)

Bisquick · 09/09/2017 18:55

My GP checked my stitches from 2nd degree tear (because I asked her too) and felt along my abdomen. And talked to me about TTC again etc (we had a loss at term so were quite keen to try again).

If you had a vaginal birth and the budget allows for it btw I highly recommend getting a wellwoman check from a Physio. They examined my pelvic floor in detail and checked for the separation of abdominal muscles. And gave lots of useful suggestions on how to get both back on track. I've heard this is common in France but not done here and can do wonders for staving off incontinence and pelvic floor issues later on.

iMatter · 09/09/2017 19:10

Mine was similar OP

GP (with student in room): Everything ok?

Me: (in bits struggling) Errr, yes I think so

GP: good

Please don't hesitate to go back. Wish I had.

Firefly112 · 10/09/2017 10:34

That sounds really rubbish! Mine took about 20 mins for me and baby. She checked baby all over, hips, eyes, ears etc.. then check my stitches from my c section asked how I felt physically and mentally etc.. she was really thorough. I would go back and even ask to see another doctor.

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