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Postnatal health

Sex after 3 weeks and the condom broke

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emilyjayne5 · 11/06/2017 23:47

I gave birth 3 weeks ago and me and my partner had sex for the first time after giving birth and unfortunately the condom broke 😱 I was wondering if anyone knew what are the chances of getting pregnant again straight after giving birth!?
I haven't had a period yet but I'm still super worried 😩

OP posts:
Butterymuffin · 11/06/2017 23:49

I don't think it's high, but would you want to take a chance on it? I wouldn't. When did this happen? If very recently I would go and ask for the morning after pill first thing tomorrow.

emilyjayne5 · 12/06/2017 00:07

I live in a small village and I feel like everyone would know I went in for the Morning after pill if I went to my pharmacy! Where else could I go for it?

OP posts:
Spam88 · 13/06/2017 02:26

You're really fertile after giving birth, which is why all the midwives and everyone else bang on about contraception so much, so I really would go get the morning after pill!

Ginger782 · 13/06/2017 02:29

Are you exclusively breastfeeding? It's not contraception but EBF can lower the chances slightly.

Eilasor · 13/06/2017 02:33

Not to terrify you, but I conceived my twins 3 weeks after giving birth... (ended up with 3 DC within 8 months) - I'd suck it up and get the morning after pill if the idea of a pregnancy terrifies you!

avamiah · 13/06/2017 02:41

Your GP.

avamiah · 13/06/2017 02:51

You live in a village not bloody Antarctica so unless you want another child I suggest you make a trip to your GP or pharmacist and pretty quick .
If you don't want to go to your local pharmacist then take a bus and go to any pharmacy and ask for the morning after pill .
Have you not heard of Boots, you can buy it over the counter for about £20/25 .

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