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Sore Calf after C Section - DVT?

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HLBug · 01/05/2017 21:03

I had my c section 13 days ago and, due to family history with DVT (DF), was very diligent in taking the post op blood thinning injections and wearing the white stockings of shame.

As title suggests, I have a sore left calf today and now I'm a bit worried. It feels like I've had a massive cramp in my leg and my muscles are still tight / sore as a result? No other 'symptoms' though.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience in blood clots following c sections? Am I still at risk 13 days after? And even if I've been taking the blood thinners (which stopped on Friday).

I've called NHS 24 and have an out of hours appointment later tonight (11.40(!)) but just wondering what to expect.

OP posts:
Grumpbum · 01/05/2017 21:05

I had a swollen leg and pain the night I was discharged ended up in ED at 2am with H and baby , given higher dose injection and scan the next day which was negative

divafever99 · 01/05/2017 21:16

Please attend that appointment. They will probably put you back on the injections and arrange ultra sound scan. I had problems with leg swelling post section, scan was negative but still glad I got checked out.

HLBug · 02/05/2017 00:17

Thanks for responding. Just back from appointment - they are happy that leg is not overly swollen (although still fecking sore!). My DVT 'risk' score is not high enough to warrant any treatment tonight - been told to take painkillers and go back if not any better (or it gets any worse) in 24/48 hours. Fingers crossed it'll be better tomorrow...

OP posts:
FanaticalFox · 02/05/2017 18:53

I had this exact thing! Gave birth 3 days ago. The cause? THE STOCKINGS! took my stockings off yesterday and left them off overnight and now my leg feels fine and the puffyness has gone right down. Midwife who came today said once you're up and about out of bed you only need the injections not the stockings as well. I have the injections to self administer for the next 8 days.

FanaticalFox · 02/05/2017 18:53

I say gave birth but i mean via c section. And it was left calf really bad ache and left foot swollen up.

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