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Postnatal health

Does anyone else have shoulder and upper arm pain from holding their baby?

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Bellabelloo · 01/04/2017 23:25

I'm just hoping for a bit of reassurance. I had breast cancer 5 years ago and just had my miracle baby (was told i'd never be able to have children after my chemo).

I can only naturally hold my baby on my left side - the same side of my mastectomy. My shoulder and upper arm on that side is now really painful with a constant ache.

My mum's secondary cancer was diagnosed after spread to the bones...with pain in her shoulder! She died within a year.

I am waiting for a scan, but the worry is driving me insane. I keep telling myself that it could just be normal to have discomfort from suddenly holding a heavy weight on one side of your body all the time and was hoping for some reassurance from others experiencing pain? (Not that I would wish it on anyone!).

Thank you. X

OP posts:
angeldiver · 01/04/2017 23:31

Yes, I had this. A couple of physio sessions sorted me out and she said it was very common to.
I sincerely hope your pain is from carrying your baby and can be easily rectified.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans · 01/04/2017 23:32

I had constant pain from carrying my three, which lasted for years - much longer than the timeI spent carrying them. I just wish I'd done then what I do now - weight training. The baby isn't going to get any lighter and you could get problems with other joints as he/she grows - plus you may have other children and the cycle starts all over again.
You're probably time-pushed but it's really worth the effort to avoid years of pain and discomfort. Probably a good idea to look at posture as well - hold the baby into you using your back as well as your arms - brace the shoulder blades together and down, don't let them pull forward. Katy Bowman's blog is quite good for this dort of advice

ShotgunNotDoingThePans · 01/04/2017 23:33

Forgot to say physio in the first instance.

ExplodedCloud · 01/04/2017 23:40

I got bursitis when dd was about 18 months. I think it was bursitis. Pain in my shoulder and arm anyway. GP was able to put a steroid shot into the capsule in my shoulder and I had to keep it rested for 48 hours - no lifting small child! - and it's been fine.

isittheholidaysyet · 01/04/2017 23:41

I'm presuming baby is quite new? Imaging suddenly carrying a bag of potatoes around all day, everyday, on one arm? As with any new use of muscles, it takes a while to build them up. I'm sure my left arm muscles grew huge!

Obviously with your history get things checked, but it sounds normal to me.

Bellabelloo · 01/04/2017 23:46

Thanks everyone. I'm definitely getting it checked, but am trying to remain positive by hoping that it's just normal pain, so your posts have helped. If it's nothing sinister I'll make sure I get referred to physio. X

OP posts:
TheBadgersMadeMeDoIt · 02/04/2017 14:21

The change in posture from carrying a massive bump to to suddenly carrying a nearly 9lb baby in my arms did all kinds of mischief to my back and shoulders. It's quite possible that your shoulder pain is muscular. Anyway you shouldn't have to wait long for your bone scan to put your mind at rest. Patients with cancer history should be seen within two weeks (where I work, anyway!)

Littlelegs19 · 02/05/2017 20:41

Yes! I couldn't work out what I had done to get this pain in my shoulder, upper arm and lower back. Then I realised it was only on one side!

sparkleandsunshine · 02/05/2017 20:43

My arm hurts so bad! Now I sit cross legged and lay my girl out on my legs to feed her 😂

Louloubaby123 · 01/01/2018 23:14

I have the same problem, my shoulder pain which I think is a bursa . It's painful to touch .It's been like it for months now . I do carry around my daughter alot tho

Tinkerclare · 01/01/2018 23:16

Yes. I had forgotten about it until now. It was so sore, and chronic, that it made me think it couldn't just be the baby. But as she got older and less portable, it vanished.

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