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Postnatal health

Think my husband has PND

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arlosmam · 13/02/2017 18:36

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Our son is 3 months old and my husband has always been so strong and my rock when I've felt down. My labour was long and hesitant and his mum is terminally ill so I think everything has just started to hit him.

I'm really worried he's going to have a breakdown. The weekend was great and he was feeling much better. He's made an appointment with the doctor for this week but he's so low after starting back at work this week, I wish I could do more to help. I've had my own mental health issues so I feel I'm being sympathetic but my own experience were very different so I'm struggling to know what to say.

He feels like he can't go on at work anymore but we've just bought a house so he has all this added pressure on his shoulders.

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Twinnypops · 12/03/2017 19:22

I can see this is a bit of an old post. How is your husband now? My husband also had pnd, but is now doing great and is really enjoying being a dad.

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