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Post C section pain - 2 years on?

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Booksandmags79 · 04/02/2017 10:23

Hi everyone

Apologies if this is the wrong place, I'm new here. I had a c section just over 2 years ago and recovered pretty well, with no noticeable problems. For a long time the area was numb and gradually the feeling has returned.
I now basically have lower right sided pelvic pain the majority of the time. It worsens before my period and continues on throughout ovulation and beyond. I think I only really get a few days a month with little or no discomfort. I've been to the dr a few times and recently had a pelvic scan which was clear of cysts etc. I'm now thinking the issue has to be related to my scar, especially as I can now feel the area fully. Does anyone have any advice? I'm back to the Drs for a further examination in a couple of weeks and I want to raise this then.
I conceived last may which unfortunately ended in miscarriage and I am hoping to fall pregnant again.
Thank you for reading, any insights much appreciated.

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superking · 04/02/2017 10:28

Could it be adhesions? That is, scar tissue from your section that has kind of stuck things together internally? I think it's fairly common, when I was opened up for my second section they found a lot of adhesions from my first although they didn't cause me any pain. My mum had painful adhesions for a long time after a bowel operation.

Might be worth asking the dr about the possibility when you go back.

Booksandmags79 · 04/02/2017 10:31

I'll definitely ask thank you, I'd not heard of that. It's only the last few days I've made the connection, as the miscarriage had confused things a bit. I wasn't sure if there was something wrong there, but tests seem to have ruled it out.
Did your mum get treatment? If I have to live with it I probably could, it's just getting a definitive answer to what the pain is.
Thank you x

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divafever99 · 04/02/2017 10:43

Hi I had my first section in 2011. I had similar pain for years. I also had a small section of the scar line that healed a bit "wonky" and was painful. I had an ultra sound scan but nothing was found. I got pregnant again in 2015. Had another emergency section. They told me afterwards it took them longer than usual to do the surgery as there were adhesions to my bladder which they had to separate first. I recovered a lot quicker from this section, so i can only assume it was the adhesions that were causing the pain. My scar is no longer painful as it was stitched a lot better this time and is no longer "wonky". So in effect my second section fixed all the problems I had after my first! Good luck.

Booksandmags79 · 04/02/2017 10:58

Thanks so much for your reply. It heartens me that you had a successful pregnancy too as in the back of my mind I worry it's causing issues. No evidence to suggest it I just worry! I'll definitely bring adhesions up, sounds like I might be getting somewhere. Thank you!

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HandbagCrab · 04/02/2017 11:13

I found out I had adhesions from my first cs when I had unbearable pain in the first trimester of the 2nd pregnancy. It was confirmed when they couldn't operate where they wanted to for my second cs as my bladder was too adhered to my scar to cut without damaging it so they had to cut somewhere else. I've researched them online and pretty much everyone who has had abdominal surgery will have them. They're like strong inflexible strings sticking your organs together and depending where they are will cause no problems or pain or occasionally terrible issues with intestines.

Unfortunately they just can grow back if removed as they seem to be the body's response to abdominal surgery, so cutting them encourages the body to produce more. I hope you can get some help or advice, I had to ride out the pain until it stopped as because I was pregnant there was little they could medicate me with. Luckily it stopped after a couple of months but those months were hellish.

I'd try and get help before trying for another pregnancy op as I wouldn't wish the pain I had on anyone. Best of luck and sorry for your loss

Booksandmags79 · 04/02/2017 11:34

Thank you handbagcrab and sorry to hear you suffered so much. I'll definitely bring this up with the Dr, as although she will want to kill me for self diagnosing via advice and dr google, given that everything else is clear it seems a pretty plausible explanation.
I did have a lot of pain when pregnant the second time but just put it down to the fact I miscarried. Interesting to think it could've just been a horrible coincidence.
I feel much more hopeful now. Thanks everyone, I'm so glad it's not just in my head as I was beginning to fear!

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