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Postnatal health

Piles, blood and constipation (TMI)

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TeaMuncher · 18/01/2017 02:12

HELP! Going to the loo is like a war scene for me.

I'm 8wks PP (CS) and assume I have piles because going for no.2 feels like shards of glass with red blood and isn't improving ☹️️

I've been taking Lactulose for the last couple of weeks but it's not really doing the job / anything.

I've got my 8wk check at the GP on Friday - anything I should/can ask for?? Is it normal to have this so long after birth?!

OP posts:
QuietlyPondering · 18/01/2017 03:29

You poor thing, you have my full sympathy! The joys of child birth.
I've had this happen both times after my two children. I spoke to my GP who examined me and prescribed me Fybogel (it's a drink) and a supposidery. It's taken a while for things to get back to normal, but going to the GP was the only way to get it sorted. Hope this helps.

Lisad1975 · 18/01/2017 04:28

I had this after my 2nd cs (12 wks) but mainly cos I was on iron tablets ! Are you on anything ? Stopped those and tbh it was still painful . I do find weetabix helps keep me regular to be fair .
If I go when I feel the need then its not too bad but if I wait then I find pushing it out is not good and as you say a war zone ensues
Ask the gp when you go as its really not nice .
The glamour is wonderful huh 🙄

Notsleepingeveragain · 18/01/2017 11:44

Oh god. I still have this 7 months after birth! I have been grinning and bearing it because I just don't have the time (and too embarrassed) to go to a dr. It is horrible isn't it. Definitely tell your dr. Do not be like me!

Cranb0rne · 18/01/2017 20:33

I had the same after my first birth, the pain was worse than labour and lasted for hours after going to the loo. As pp said, fybogel is good stuff and I used to eat tonnes of prunes, dried apricots and drink loads of water. Ice packs on the painful area too. They eventually healed but it took a while for me (about 6 months).

Lisad1975 · 18/01/2017 20:50

Its soooo bloody uncomfortable !

TeaMuncher · 19/01/2017 07:31

Oh God, 6/7 months 😱

Got my 8-week check with the GP tomo so I'll ask him (so embarrassing!!). Motherhood is sooo glam eh? Sad

OP posts:
Funnyface1 · 19/01/2017 13:50

Hi, first of all deep sympathy, the things we go through for our babies.

Next, your description of broken glass and bleeding sounds like a fissure rather than piles. If you have been constipated and strained to pass a dry/hard/large stool you can easily tear yourself. The pain lasts for hours and of course every time you go to the toilet you re-open the wound.

I would talk to your GP and make sure you get the correct diagnosis. You may have piles as well but if you have a fissure he needs to know. He can prescribe something to help it heal. Be careful with any suppositories because if you are very swollen or have a fissure they can cause more harm than good in my opinion.

Lots of women are constipated long after a c section because of the drugs. They really should give stool softeners routinely but most women don't know and suffer later. Lactulose has never worked for me, ask for movicol/laxido. You can get it on prescription or buy it over the counter. Go to Holland and Barrett and get rutin tablets to help strengthen your veins, helps with piles. Have warm baths and use ice packs. And if you do have piles ask for uniroid.

I found this all out the hard way when I had a section 6 years ago. You will get better.

Best of luck.

Funnyface1 · 19/01/2017 14:05

However I am not breast feeding (my new baby is 20 weeks) so if you are you will of course need to make sure all is suitable for a breast feeding mother. I am almost certain that movicol at least is safe.

RuskBaby · 20/01/2017 11:17

Fibogel worked for me rather than lactulose and can but it over the counter. Then Anusol, helps with the pain and discomfort.

TeaMuncher · 21/01/2017 09:11

GP gave me more lactulose and some suppositories. Think I'll get some Fybogel and ointment from Boots too to try and nuke it. Sooooo sore and uncomfortable ☹️️

OP posts:
TeaMuncher · 21/01/2017 09:12

PS. Still don't know if it's a fissure or piles because he didn't examine me. Said to go back in a week for an examination of it doesn't improve.

OP posts:
tillytubby · 20/02/2017 13:27

Why on earth didn't they examine you? I have this too and the GP took one look and diagnosed an anal fissure.
It is absolutely excruciating and I fear going to the toilet, I'm 8 weeks pp too.

I've been prescribed fibogel and an ointment called GTN rectogesic which is meant to promote healing. Might be worth asking for this when you go back. I've only been using it for a week so I can't say anything has changed but may take a few weeks.

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