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Hanging skin tag / pink flesh lump between vagina 3months after birth

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flyingpinkrabbit · 03/11/2016 21:18

It's been 3months since I have birth to my DD. I have noticed there is a pink flesh like a skin tag or lump just between my vagina and it can come out very easily, if that happened, I would use my finger to put it back. Has any mum experienced the same or had this removed by a surgery? Thank you

OP posts:
PippiLongstromp · 04/11/2016 08:13

I'd really like to hear from others too, am in the same situation. Has anyone had something like this surgically removed?

flyingpinkrabbit · 04/11/2016 22:19

It's really annoying me everyday, how long has it been there for you?

OP posts:
PumpkinPi84 · 23/12/2016 18:59

Hopefully you've already found the solution OP but it sounds like a mild vaginal prolapse. Nothing to panic about but worth seeing your GP and possibly a physio and doing your pelvic floor exercises.

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