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Postnatal health

PND at 15 weeks PP?

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Ellarose85 · 25/10/2016 14:06

I had PND with my first DC who is now 16 months, DC2 is now 15 weeks and I can feel a dark cloud looming again.

I've been ADs ever since I discovered I was pregnant with DC2 as i was trying to deal with PND without ADs but the news of being pregnant was too much to take.

DC2 has been a dream baby but for the last couple of weeks she has been demanding and I cannot get her into any sort of routine which is difficult with a 16 month old in tow too.

I'm so fed up of DC2s constant whinging all day when she doesn't want or need anything to the point where I don't want her near me anymore. I am short tempered and snappy with the kids and I hate myself for it.

I've not mentioned it to DH as he has said that he couldn't cope with another episode of PND.

OP posts:
Ellarose85 · 25/10/2016 14:06

I don't know why I'm posting to be honest.

OP posts:
MoreGilmoreGirls · 26/10/2016 11:05

Hi I'm struggling too. Have two DSs one who's about to turn 3 and a 12 week old. Been struggling to feed the baby so now combination feeding but he is always screaming for food or because he's tired and can only sleep on me but I can't just sit feeding/ cuddling him all day. My toddler is bored and having to put up with me being tired, snappy and not having any time for him.

I get zero time for myself. DH is supportive but works long hours and some days I just want to scream.

So probably not much help to you but just wanted to say you are not alone. Have you been to see your gp?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 26/10/2016 11:10

See your GP and talk to your HV. It's really hard on every one but it's not fair for dh to opt out by saying that.

You might need a higher dose of anti D's or extra counseling support.


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