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cwtchesandcheese · 07/08/2016 22:11

I am 12 days postpartum, and I know it's far too early for DH and I to do the deed yet, I'm feeling really nervous, very glad there's a six week wait. I desperately want to be intimate with him, not so much for physical reasons but emotionally. He's adapted so well as a new father as much as I have to being a new mother and I just want to physically love him. Before baby we had Sex everyday even when I went overdue. I know he still finds me attractive, I'm a bit nervous about my nether regions. Although I didn't tear, I was stretched during the birth of DD and had internal stitches. None external. It's feeling pretty numb but I'm already peeing better without too much stinging and am starting to feel like I own a vagina again. I used to love making love with DH, always made me feel good about my body even being 10 days overdue with a 9lber! When it does come to being the right time, are there simple things we can do to set the mood? To be perfectly honest I've never felt more in love with DH after having DD and I really want to express it to him. Have some other sexual things to release tension for him but it's not the same.Grin

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Christinedonna · 29/08/2016 19:43

I can totally relate to this and will watch for others opinions. I'm 10 days postpartum and desperately want to show my love for OH in a physical way. I kind of in a way feel bad that he has to go without because I can't physically do it. I know he doesn't mind, we're both busy with being new parents and are adapting well but like you, we used to have sex everyday and aren't used to not doing so. I think are relationship is better than ever and I love him more than ever, which is what makes it so frustrating that I can't show him with we both enjoy it quite a lot Hmm

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