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Postnatal health

PND-not coping well!

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rachc21 · 06/07/2016 08:49

Hi everyone. My little girl is 2 weeks old today and I've been feeling so low lately. My fiancé runs a business so never really has proper time off, I'm so scared that I can't cope well alone. I feel like I'm still in a daze and it's not all really sunk in yet that she's actually here. She also has colic and it breaks my heart when she cries and cries and nothing I try works for her. Anyone going through the same thing/have any advice? Literally anything will be appreciated. I have a PND appointment on Monday but then it's about a 3 week wait for a counselling appointment xx

OP posts:
HonniBee · 06/07/2016 08:56

Hello Rach
That sounds really rough! You must be exhausted, and don't forget you're full of hormones. Be kind to yourself. You can do this and you will be amazing.
My little boy also has colic. We're on infacol now and it is making such a difference to both of us. I used to spend most nights in tears as I just couldn't help him. Now we're a lot more calm and I'm starting to enjoy caring for him. Have you tried anything like that?
Also baby massage helps both of us relax and spend quality time together. Rubbing his tumny clockwise helps with the wind too...

rachc21 · 06/07/2016 11:39

Yeah I've been giving her infacol but just started and I think it takes a few days to properly kick in? It's just hard adjusting to my partner not being here , getting held up or called away when I need a bit of help. Though I know it's not his fault!x

OP posts:
HonniBee · 06/07/2016 17:46

Yeh I know what you mean. My husband works for himself too and even days when he is "not" working are actually spent answering phone calls and emails! Very frustrating.
Infacol does take a while to kick in- it toke about 5 days for me to see a proper difference in him.

lovelilies · 07/07/2016 14:16

Just joining in. My DD2 is also 2 weeks old and is DC no.3 for me.
I feel crap too. Saw Gp on Tues and he wants me to go back next week.
Suggested I could stop BF and start antidepressants Confused
There's a lot of back story to why I feel so low, but also hormonal and the general life shock that a baby brings!
Hope you're feeling ok.

rachc21 · 07/07/2016 15:49

He's pretty much just stormed out after telling me everyone else manages to cope and he's sick of coming home to help all the time, and I should be grateful he's in the position to come home and help....dealing with a 2 week old with colic and constipation and a hyper 5 year old isn't as easy as he seems to think!Sad

OP posts:
YokoUhOh · 07/07/2016 15:54

Is your DH always so nasty?

OP my DS2 is 6 weeks and gets colicky in the evenings. He really likes being in a sling, and it helps having hands free to run after DS1/cook dinner etc. is this an option for you? Stretchy wraps like Moby Wrap are super-comfy for tiny babies.

rachc21 · 07/07/2016 18:49

He just doesn't understand and isn't good with wording things! It'd be different if it was him staying home with the kids. I finally manage to settle her after standing up with her and patting her back. I think I'll get a sling though, she likes being close. It's just all getting a bit much sometimes and he has no idea. Like PND or struggling isn't a valid excuse. I feel like I'm not bonding with baby and she needs me so much SadSadxx

OP posts:
Mumofwyatt14 · 28/07/2016 21:52

I know how you feel my son is two and as he's getting bigger I'm finding he's choosing to run to his dad to play and spend time with we used to be close when he was just born he'd eat all his food I gave him but now he's fussy and has he's terrible two tantrums a lot and his dad doesn't really do anything to help me but he ends up getting the credit for all my blood sweat n tears someday so just don't wanna get out out bed! ALL YOU CAN DO IS TRY AND GET THROUGH EACH DAY IF YOU DO WELL DONE !

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