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Postnatal health

Post birth period tmi maybe

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Nicnak2223 · 16/05/2016 11:51

My ds has begun sleeping through the night meaning my period us returned.

I had a second degree tear stitched up at the birth if that's relevant.

I used a tampon for the first time this morning and it was really sore. Felt like it was rubbing and I could feel the dry paper feeling the whole time.

Any suggestion if this is normal? Do I just need to get used to it? Is it just too early to use tampons?

OP posts:
Popskipiekin · 02/07/2016 21:31

Is it quite a light period? I can find it hard to get a tampon in for a normal period if it's right at the start or end when flow is lighter, and I'll feel it when it's in there, far more than when flow is normal/heavy. Maybe use a bit of lube and/or a slimmer tampon for now, or yes just a pad and maybe wait a bit and see if next month is better? Have you had much sex post birth and has that felt OK or uncomfortable? If sex has been uncomfortable then probably worth a gp visit to see if you're healing ok.

coveredinhopeandvaseline · 02/07/2016 21:36

I was exactly the same, a tear with 30 stitches which seems to tighten and hurt when AF comes along.
I bought a (GASP....wait for it....) Mooncup two cycles ago and it is amazing. Use a wee bit lube with it (and cut the stem off completely). It seems to shorten my period and I don't get the cramps-of-death with it either. Try it, it will revolutionise your life.

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