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Postnatal health

uterus contraction +2 weeks after cs

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lunnoninnit · 13/10/2015 22:53

Hi there - I could use some advice here as to whether I need to fret or not.

I had an elcs two weeks ago today, went fine, discharged after two days. Initially felt good, but subsequently less fabulous. Subscribed this to a slow start out of the blocks on the pp poo front, but that issue has resolved itself and I still feel v tender in tummy above belly button.

Saw midwife today and she had a bit of a squeeze, hit the spot about 2 cm above belly button where it was really sore and says oh there's your uterus. Tummy generally feels tender and achy, scar itself is fine though. Lochia was fading away but back and red again today.

I thought uterus was meant to have contracted back by now ? Esp if breastfeeding. Anyway, has anyone got similar experience and can put my mind at rest that this is quite normal, as it feels weird to me that I am feeling less good today then I did a week ago :(.


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