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7 week old suddenly sleeping 6+ hours at night, breasts like bullets

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smallgreenbanana · 09/09/2015 07:46

I'm EBF and out of blue my 7 week old has started sleeping 6+ hours. Normally she wakes every 3-4 hours. The first night I thought it was a fluke, but now on the second night I had to wake her and now she's still asleep at 8am.

Needless to say my breasts are engorged and painful. If I'd known she was going to do this I would have sterilised the pump but then I would worry she would wake up shortly afterwards! I am loath to wake her for dream feeding as I'm not convinced she would go back to sleep easily (she sleeps in a bassinet not with me).

What should I do? Will my breasts adjust to this? Should I pump a bit if she doesn't wake at night? I had mastitis in one breast recently so I am a bit concerned this might bring it on again.

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ALongTimeComing · 09/09/2015 07:57

They'll adjust pretty quickly. I've only once had to wake my baby up to make her feed as I was in pain but apart from that your body will adjust.

It's the same when my baby wakes up during the night more because of illness or teething and needs nursed to sleep. My boobs wil get a bit engorged when it stops and then settle back down again.

Your baby will (hopefully) keep dropping night feeds and your body will just learn.

Enjoy the sleep!

smallgreenbanana · 10/09/2015 09:50

Thanks ALong They were definitely much better last night but I hope it hasn't affected my supply - knowing her she will be back to feeding every 2-3 hours shortly and I will be lagging behind again. Hmm

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ifgrandmahadawilly · 10/09/2015 09:52


If you wake up engorged, I would just nip to the loo and hand express a little milk into the sink - just enough till you feel comfortable.

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