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Postnatal health

Trying for number 2

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cherrypiecoco · 03/08/2015 15:15

Hey everyone
Just wanted some advice really. I had my DD 12 weeks ago and havent had a period yet. We want to try for a second baby but not sure when this will be possible. I have PCOS and i hear the earlier you try for a second baby the more chance u have but im still waitng for AF to arrive. I stopped bleeding at 6 weeks and have had spotting at 8 weeks and 9 weeks but not sure what they were. Ive had a metalic taste in my mouth and belly feels wierd. Took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was a BFNHmm.

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Angelto5 · 03/08/2015 15:25

Are you breastfeeding?

cherrypiecoco · 04/08/2015 00:17

Yes! Forgot to mention that partGrin

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