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I miss being pregnant so much

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Pyjamaramadrama · 29/06/2015 21:20

I don't know whether it's normal to feel like this.

Beautiful ds2 was born 2 weeks ago, he's lovely and healthy, I had a dream pregnancy, I love him to bits and actually felt that instant love when he was born, yet I miss being pregnant so much and get tearful when I think about it.

Even though I adore the baby I am tired and do find the newborn stage a bit monotonous, I have an older child and find him easier as we can chat and laugh and he's good company. I also worry terribly about them as babies.

I miss my bump, I miss the kicks and the feeling of never being alone as I always had my baby safely tucked inside me, I miss having an excuse to eat whatever I want and be lazy, I miss maternity clothes and how easy it was to choose what to wear.

I feel a bit like the anti climax you get after Christmas, which is awful as I'm so lucky to have a healthy baby boy and still so much to look forward to, but I loved excitement and anticipation of waiting to meet him, buying all his things and watching baby programmes, reading up on labour and birth.

I think it's also because I know I won't be having anymore so I'm sad to think that was the last time I'll be pregnant, I breastfed for the first week then stopped so that's just another way ds is detached from me.

I wish I could shake the feeling off has anyone else felt like this?

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dinoswore · 29/06/2015 21:40

I nodded all the way through your post. In fact, I would suspect myself of having written it if it weren't for the fact I have DDs and the youngest is 3yo now.

No advice - except it will pass. But lots of sympathy. And massive congratulations on the birth of your DS2. Flowers

MadAngryGnome · 29/06/2015 23:45

I do miss the company of my bump and the little kicks and wriggles etc when I'm out and about, although I know in the last stages of pregnancy I was dying to have my body back to myself. I felt sad packing away my maternity clothes too.

Pregnancy is an amazing experience despite all the aches and pains, I don't think it's weird to miss it.

MadAngryGnome · 29/06/2015 23:45

And congrats on your lovely squishy newborn! Thanks

MegMurry · 29/06/2015 23:52

My youngest is 13 and I still sometimes miss being pregnant! Especially if I look at photos.I also miss breast feeding.

I think it's such a special time that's over in the blink of an eye.

avocadotoast · 30/06/2015 00:01

It is difficult. I felt a bit like a deflated balloon after I had DD. I love her so much but I kind of miss that closeness of having her inside me.

I remember saying to DH just before she was born that for all the end of pregnancy was knackering, at least baby was being looked after and fed and all I had to do was heft myself around!

Roseybee10 · 30/06/2015 02:42

Omg I could have written this. I think I did write this actually!!!

I never missed being pregnant after dd1 was born. I was desperate to get her out and never really wanted to do the pregnancy thing again, it was just a means to an end.

However, when dd2 was born I felt devastated afterwards. I couldn't look at bump pictures or pregnant women at the shops without bursting into tears, I cried when getting rid of my maternity clothes and found it much harder to bond with dd2. I also stopped BF after a week or two as we had lots of issues with latch and tongue tie and then nipple confusion. I never really tried BF with dd1 so I never felt like I had 'failed' at it.

It does get easier. Dd2 is almost five months now and developing a right little personality and we're becoming good friends. She had reflux as a tiny baby too and the first three months were hell as I never felt that feeding bond even with bottle feeding but it's gradually getting easier the older she gets and she's going through a 'mum' phase which makes me feel like she needs me and wants me and that helps with the bonding.

Hugs. It's so much harder with my second than I thought. Most people told me the second was easier so I was totally unprepared for these binding issues. X

Pyjamaramadrama · 30/06/2015 12:26

Thank you all, that's a bit how I feel, like a deflated balloon.

I'm also sad because dp has gone back to work now and it's gone so quick.

I hope that it passes soon as I feel so horrible with ds snoozing here on me.

I think that this pregnancy suited me as I didn't miss awful periods I found myself in a good mood all the time, my skin hair and nails were nice.

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