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Postnatal health

Problems nearly two years after birth... :(

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Retti · 23/06/2015 18:17

Hi everyone,

Bit personal so be prepared! Ill try to be brief I gave birth in Nov 2013 to a gorgeous son, however I had an episiotomy and forceps delivery so it was a bit rough. I also bled really badly throughout which I was told was a polyp that had come away.

I have one very happy & healthy little boy however my body has been in tatters ever since! I have the following symptoms since giving birth:

  • Deep pain during intercourse.
  • Cant feel the need to urinate or pass bowel motions until the last minute where its almost passing or im about to wee myself and have to run.
  • Unable to strain.
  • Sometimes have to use a pad to push bowel movements out by pressing into my vagina.
  • Left sided pelvic/ abdo, lower back & hip pain - also in the middle of my pelvis but rarely on the right.
  • Constipation most of the time but not always.

Also the Drs seem to take this into consideration pre birth:

  • Heavy, long periods since the age of 10. Was on the pill by 11 as the pain was horrific.
  • Diagnosed with IBS ten years ago - which gave me different symptoms to the above so dont think its related plus the tablets never worked I think it was a palmed off diagnosis.

Jusy wondering if anyone has had any problems like this and what the diagnosis was? I have had internals from two Drs who say there is no prolapses, I was sent for a laparoscopy for possible Endometriosis which showed nothing.

I am awaiting an ultrasound after much hassle to get one being told its in my head and also a referral to Gastro so they can check things out. But also read about nerve damage that can be detected by MRI so think thats my next step which is going to take a fight to get. I just want to find out if anyone has had any similar problems so long after birth as its really affecting my life now and my partners and feel like its taking ages to get answers. After the recent results finding nothing I am feeling so down and stressed because I'm not back to normal so any help would be great!

Thanks! Flowers

OP posts:
blushingmare · 23/06/2015 23:00

Are you seeing a women's health physio? It sounds like you really need one! Get a referral ASAP if you haven't already.

I had many of the symptoms you describe - not as severe as you though. Saw women's health physio for 9 months and sorted out a lot of it.

Good luck.

Retti · 23/06/2015 23:48

No not one of the GPs has even suggested it, I do pelvic floor exercises but it hasnt done anything helpful honestly my first thought was prolapses, pelvic floor muscles knackered and nerve damage. Instead I've been poked & prodded, cut open etc yet everytime I do enhance the fact it started AFTER childbirth!! Ill see what happens after the next two referrals, I just wanted peoples opinions to see what things I can ask for to rule things out so ill add womens healty physio to the list Grin thank you! Flowers


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blushingmare · 24/06/2015 20:51

You definitely shld ask for a referral. I'm amazed no one has suggested itHmm When I went to my physio I found I'd been doing my pelvic floor exercises all wrong! She worked on retraining them and did some (very painful but effective) manual work on the muscle tension and scarring I had and it really worked. I'm not saying it would solve all of the problems you have but certainly some of them sound like they could be addressed by a good physio.

Retti · 01/07/2015 10:17

I know im baffled aswell. Tmi but recently noticed that there are bulges in my vagina all the way down to the opening almost popping out, even worse when my bladder & bowels are full. So im convinced! Mind after suffering for almost two years im not sure how good physio will be now. But I have an ultrasound at the end of the month and a referral to gastro so think it may be worth just waiting as surely it should pick up on an ultrasound? The gastro people should be able to pick up on a rectocele too. I know I've got a slight protrusion from my cervix too but that could be even worse since Drs havent noticed anything else when they are blatently there! Hmm


OP posts:
sksk · 10/07/2015 10:23

Ask for a referral to a gynaecologist who deals with these matters and a women's health physiotherapist who can deal with problems after forceps deliveries/tears. Insist on it!

Duckstar · 10/07/2015 10:27

Definitely ask for a referral to a gynae. Sounds like you may have a prolapse and underlying issues. I had heavy painful periods since 13. Was also told I had IBS. Not until after birth of my DS1 was I diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis can cause bowel and bladder issues.

Retti · 14/07/2015 18:01

I already went for a laparoscopy for endo but was told there was nothing :(

OP posts:
Bellyrub1980 · 15/07/2015 19:37

I'm a women's health Physio and I can't stress enough how important it is to see a Physio with these symptoms. Just ask your GP to refer you... It's part of the NICE guidelines, standard protocol. (Or if you are super rich and can afford it, pay for one). A decent one will know if you need to see a gynaecologist (GP's aren't always expert in detecting all types of prolapse... And there are several different types).

Also, Physio is not all about pelvic floor strengthening, sometimes it's about muscle conditioning or retraining. They may be contracting well, but at the wrong time. You may have muscle knots, areas or scarring or high tone.

If you're unable to push down to open your bowels I would be wanting to look more closely at your ability to relax your pelvic floor... And also look at your rectal musculature.

All of these things can be assessed and treated by a Physio (not just with exercise) and if, after 3-6 months you're not seeing signs of improvement a referral onto a Gynaecologist would be totally appropriate.

Physio can run alongside any other investigations so don't wait. Go now!

Retti · 15/07/2015 21:00

Aw thank you so much! I wouldnt care it was my first suspicion and instead they had me cut open even though I said the onset of symptoms started after birth! I will go to ask them about it tomorrow!

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