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Postnatal health


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mrsm16 · 01/05/2015 17:42

I suffered with sciatica from 16 weeks pregnant, by the end of my pregnancy I could hardly walk from the kitchen to the bathroom. I had my twins a week ago and am still in as much if not more pain, I'm taking pain killers and anti inflammatorys but with little relief. wondering has anyone had this and will settle with time or when should I go see someone about it? The pain has me worn down at this stage and I'm wary about pnd. I have previously had a slipped disc operated on so that's at the back of my mind too!

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friendofsadgirl · 02/05/2015 00:22

I suffered from sciatica throughout and beyond pregnancy. I still get occasional bouts now but not nearly as bad. My doctor referred me to physiotherapy who taught me simple exercises which really help. After 6 weeks of physio I was further referred to a back exercise class which helped further (and I was the youngest there by about 20 years Grin)
I fully empathise as sciatica is so debilitating Flowers

ColdCottage · 02/05/2015 00:27

Please go to this thread for support


I will come back later and help more but look up my threads there are a few on the back pain I had with my son

ColdCottage · 03/05/2015 17:10

I herniated a disc due to my first DC. Speak to your dr about extra pain relief. I was on Tramadol as well as paracetamol and ibuprofen and could take diazapam for short 3 day periods. I had to have my doctor speak to the Breast feeding network expert to prescribe it as I was BFing but it helped me move out of tr acute stage to start to heal.

Good luck

BotBotticelli · 04/05/2015 17:41

I had bad sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy and for 12 weeks after my son was born. It was awful.

And then as if by magic one day at about 12 weeks post birth it just went away....

I was puzzled by this but I did read afterwards that it takes that long for lots of your hormones and ligaments and muscles to move back into their proper place/go back to normal post birth (think it takes longer if you're breast feeding but if you're formula feeding I read 12 weeks is the magic number...)

Might be worth going to ask your doctor and see what he/she says?

But I certainly found it just "righted itself" as my body went back to normal.

Am 28 weeks pregnant with dc2 now and suffering badly with sciatica again. Hope it gets better afterwards again.

At the moment I cannot imagine ever being able to jog up the garden path or take a set of stairs quickly again :-/

mrsm16 · 07/05/2015 23:20

Thanks for the replies, sorry to hear you's have had a bad time too! il cling to the hope of it disappearing one day for now so! at the minute I can't even imagine walking to the playground let alone anything else so really hope it goes away soon because it's gone beyond ridiculous!!

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