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Postnatal health


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kirstymarle45581 · 19/03/2015 13:23

How long does it take for a tear to fully heal? I had a baby 6 months ago and it's still so painful when having sex. It was a second degree tear it's healed up so I can see but when something touches it it's agony

OP posts:
Roseybee10 · 19/03/2015 13:34

That doesn't sound quite right hon.
I had a second degree year with my first baby and had sex 7 weeks later and it didn't hurt. It hasn't given me any pain since about 4 weeks post baby x

Hopeful83 · 22/03/2015 19:47

I'm 19 weeks post birth and my episiotomy still hurts during sex. It's gradually getting better but is still very sore. It doesn't hurt to touch though. I had my GP check it. She said it's healed fine and recommended lots of lube and massage. I'll be honest I haven't done the massage. She said it was stitched a bit tight and there was some scar tissue. I'd get it checked to make sure it's healed ok

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