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3 months on sex too painful

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MumaBex · 20/02/2015 07:51

Hiya All,

Anyone else having this problem?? Been nearly 14 weeks since having DD. I tore in 2 places (looking straight on 6 o clock at 1 o clock, sorry if TMI). Healing went fine, Since I've healed I've tried having sex 3 times and everytime it hurt so much it made me cry. Didn't have this with first or second child.
DP doesn't want to hurt me so won't try it again. But I would like to get my sex life back and I know he would too.

OP posts:
FiveLittlePeas · 20/02/2015 07:53

Ask your midwife for some lubricant gel or something. Three month can be too soon, though. Don't despair, you WILL get your sex life back!

Quitelikely · 20/02/2015 07:56

Three months isn't that long. Yes to lubricant and a glass of wine.

If all isn't well after a few attempts with lubricant go back to see your GP.

If it was me I would wait until 5 months. I think that would give your skin a good chance of tightening and healing.

Turquoiseblue · 20/02/2015 07:58

You can also get checked in case you have any scar tissue that might be sore if the lubricant doesn't help

MumaBex · 20/02/2015 08:02

Yeah we are using lots of lube and it still hurts. Was thinking maybe it's the scar tissue being stretched and causing the pain.

OP posts:
kinkytoes · 21/02/2015 16:29

You might benefit from seeing a physio. Pregnancy can affect the muscles in that area regardless of any injuries you had. Ask the gp or health visitor. It took me 14 months to have pain free sex again, never thought it would happen! Good luck.

kinkytoes · 21/02/2015 16:30

Oh btw I didn't see a physio until 9 months after the birth, in case that sounded like a huge amount of time. I had other issues too.

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