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Postnatal health

injections after caesarian

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pekinhen · 12/02/2015 16:31

I had my baby 18 days ago by emergency caesarian and was given 6 weeks worth of anti-clotting injections to be given into my lower stomach. This part of my stomach now seems swollen. Has anyone else had to inject for such a long period of time?

OP posts:
ChunkyPickle · 12/02/2015 16:35

I was given I think 10 syringes, which I was supposed to take every day (they told me to put them in my thigh though).

I confess I hated the sensation of pushing the needle in so I only did a couple (odd, I don't mind having injections, but had a real visceral dislike of giving them to myself). I wasn't given them at all with my first baby a couple of years before (both EMCS).

I think you need to ask why you have such a long course, and whether the swelling is normal - do you have a checkup soon? If not, get yourself to the GP.

FoodPorn · 12/02/2015 16:53

6 weeks? Like ChunkyPickle I had about 6 days worth. Are you high-risk in some way? Speak to your doctor if you are having a reaction.

pekinhen · 12/02/2015 16:58

Have just spoken to MW and HV who advised me to stop injections. It would appear that the longer course is due to my BMI being slightly high. No family history of DVT or other blood issues. Seeing HV on Monday so she will check swelling then. Thanks for replies

OP posts:
Arkkorox · 12/02/2015 16:59

I had 6 weeks of it as high risk due to bmi. Never had Any swelling but did have some bruising. I'd give midwife a ring

Arkkorox · 12/02/2015 16:59

Oops x post!

Patilla · 12/02/2015 17:04

I had higher bmi but just a short course if injections, about a week I recall.

I had to get DH to inject them into me as I'm too squeamish!

muffpuff · 12/02/2015 17:07

I had a BMI of 38.

I was given a 10 day supply to inject in my thigh each evening.

Mummyoftwinsandlovingit · 24/05/2015 22:47

I had a course of 6 weeks . Are you injecting them in the same place?

Pico2 · 24/05/2015 22:50

I had a week. They were probably the most painful aspect of the C section. But weren't terrible.

Lottiedoubtie · 24/05/2015 22:53

Shock i have a massive BMI and still only got about a weeks worth- poor you!

Annimousey · 29/05/2015 20:15

I had 6 weeks worth of injections as I have a chronic illness and can't mobilise as much as normal people.

Were you told to alternate the side of your tummy in which you inject? I was told to do it on the right side one day, left the next etc.

I only managed to do about 3 weeks worth as I found it excruciating having them done. My husband had to do them and it was incredibly painful.

AbbeyRoadCrossing · 29/05/2015 20:20

I was told to do them anywhere fleshy, it didn't have to be the stomach. Also I had a long course but the midwife said I could stop when she heard I was going for walks and was very mobile. So perhaps check with your midwife, if things are going well you might not need so many.
On a tangent, check with the midwife before they discharge you where takes the sharps box. My doctors wouldn't take it, no chemist would take it. I was stuck with the thing for months!

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