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Postnatal health

Mummy anxiety crippling me :(

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Ju1es22 · 13/01/2015 19:39

I have two beautiful children 14 months apart who I adore.

Since my youngest was born October 2013 I've really struggles with anxiety, sleep deprivation and mild pnd!

The anxiety really has been so bad! I hate busy places feel like I'm being suffocated:( which means going to baby group unbearable for me!

I'm on 30mg mertazapine daily! Which seems to have helped a little but I just stay away from places I feel uncomfortable in!

I feel like I'm such a bad mummy some days I really shout at my two. I honestly love them both so much, I just feel useless:(

Anybody put there who's got any words if advice? Feel free to ask any questions :)

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BabyRooRoo · 13/01/2015 19:50

Hi there. My baby is nearly 5mths, i've recently been diagnosed with pnd, its awful. It's baby group tomorrow, first one after Christmas and i'm absolutely dreading it :-( I'm a single mum and have been since I found out I was pregnant but I just feel so uncomfortable at the baby group. Everyone talking about how wonderful their husbands are and their perfect family life, I can't help but get upset and feel so bad for my boy. I think some days he is just fed up of me... he is so chatty and happy some days but then today hes just cried all day, I've been so tired we have hardly played or anything I feel so guilty most of the time. I get anxious even about going out of the house to the shop or even going to the doctors :-(

Ju1es22 · 13/01/2015 21:24

Aww Hun I feel your pain:( I feel so bad for not going, as my two love it! But I'm just stressed the whole time, thinking people at watching me judging me and talking about me !

I'm married so atleast I have some help. Well done your, I'm sure your doing an amazing job and you little boy loves you more than anything:)

It will get easier honest he's probably teething:) my little boy has been a terrible teether started early and just screamed most days. My tip is put baby in the pram and go for a walk, will do you both good:)

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Bellyrub1980 · 16/01/2015 14:25

I feel this too. Often I can't even put a finger on what it is im anxious about. I just feel worried sick all the time. Keep thinking I could be doing everything better!

Ju1es22 · 18/01/2015 19:18

Glad I'm not alone ladies:) we mummy's put ourselves under so pressure it's a hard job but so rewarding!

I feel I could write a book on surviving 2 under 2! My past year has been so stressful but I'm hoping this years going to be better:)

Keep sharing stories it's helping me feel I'm not alone! Mummy's around here don't seem open to being honest and sharing advice and tips. X

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squizita · 01/02/2015 11:21

No words of advice but just to say I'm anxious too. It sucks.
You are doing a grand job. The illness tells you bad things, but the truth is you're a good mum. Smile

linda79 · 03/03/2015 21:10

I'm currently suffering with anxiety and depression and I have two children 17 months apart . I find parenting hard on a constant basis. Nice to know I'm not the only one by the looks of it. Am new on here so would love to meet other mums who feel the same

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