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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Postnatal health

Lump in cheek

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munchkin2902 · 25/12/2014 08:46

My 11 day old has a lump in her cheek under the skin. It's quite big and it's firm, like a pea. Midwife said it could be from forceps but she's not sure and to see GP but it's not open til next week now and I'm worried! Had anyone else had this?

OP posts:
stripeymonster · 02/01/2015 21:16

Hi - yes my daughter did. Saw paediatric doctor - was linked to forceps. disappeared by itself. now a healthy 3 year old. Don't worry.

babynugget · 24/01/2015 00:34

Same here - forceps delivery and the lump appeared just near DD's jaw line when she was 8 days old. Midwife said it was common with forceps deliveries and will just be loose tissue. She's 11 weeks old now and it disappeared long ago. Worth getting it checked if you are worried though for peace of mind.

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