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Postnatal health

Coccyx pain 4 months post birth

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Redling · 08/12/2014 11:48

I have had very bad coccyx pain since birth and it's only getting worse the heavier DS is getting. Sitting holding him on a hard chair is agony, getting up from the sofa etc holding him, lifting him on and off the floor as well as getting down and playing with him is so difficult. It feels tender, bruised and like it pulls when I lift him, also it clicks if I sit directly on it. Dr at 8 week check told me nothing could be done while ligaments etc are still soft post birth, but as its getting worse not better I'm seeing my GP on weds to discuss it and what can be done. The only thing that touches the pain is Nurofen plus codeine and ibuprofen but that's not a long term solution. Has anyone had this and what, if any things can be done? do I really have to wait it out, and how can it get better if I'm aggravating it more? It's really unavoidable while looking after DS.

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Redling · 08/12/2014 11:49

I mean the Nurofen Plus tablets which is codeine and ibuprofen together, I'm not taking 3 painkillers :)

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Nelsonsdream · 18/12/2014 23:55

I could have written your post myself a couple of months ago. My baby is now 6 and a half months and things have improved though not gone completely.

I only worked out what the pain was when I had a obstetric appointment 3 months after the birth ( I had a third degree tear so an obs check is routine at 3 months). I had thought the pain was to do with the tear rather than I had bruised my coccyx. I was recommended to take ibuprofen and get my GP to refer me for physio if it was too troubling but they said it could take 6 months before it improved.

I took to carrying a cushion round with me so I wouldn't have to sit on hard chairs. I still avoid hard chairs when I am out. I have found that triggering the pain again meant it could last days so try to avoid doing that if at all possible.

Hope you got on ok at the GP and that you get some relief soon.

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