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Best Baby Carrier?

5 replies

MummyBearBoo · 29/11/2020 18:33

Hi not sure if this is the right place but my DD2 is 8 weeks old and I really want to find a baby carrier suitable for her now and when she's a toddler - I really don't want a sling type one I'd prefer buckles and I'd like one where they can be carried facing me, facing forward and back carrying! There's so many to choose from and I really have no idea can anyone recommend one from personal experience that will be comfy for me and baby, that is breathable and will support her head and is easy to put on! Thanks in advance xx

OP posts:
DemolitionBarbie · 29/11/2020 18:38

See if there is a sling library near you - they hire out slings so you can try before you buy.

There's no one best sling, they work differently depending on your body shape. I used an ergo baby, it was great but doesn't work for everyone.

Nic2908 · 15/01/2021 21:37

We have the nuna cudl and we love it.

spikelou · 16/01/2021 09:59

The BabyBjorn is easy to put on and also to put baby in.
I've had a Connecta before which is lovely and lightweight but a bit more fiddly to put on alone.

Sheerdetermination · 15/02/2021 18:13

Ergobaby 360 Omni is excellent

INeedNewShoes · 15/02/2021 18:48

I have an ergobaby adapt which I absolutely cannot fault.

I got it when dd was around 3m old as neither she nor I liked the Close Caboo.

I carried DD in the ergobaby happily on longish walks up to 2 years old and made occasional shorter use of it up until 3.5

I'm not sure if it does front forward facing but never felt the need to anyway. DD was a breech baby which can lead to hip issues and I'd read somewhere that facing out in a carrier isn't great for hips.

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