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Punitive policies of the progressives being repealed

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claig · 06/06/2010 09:14

What a great new government of the people, for the people and by the people. No more socialist sanctions. be-ditched-by-Coalition.html

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claig · 06/06/2010 09:16

If they carry on like this, the people will never vote them out and we will never need to return to the dark reign of the progressives.

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claig · 06/06/2010 09:49

"In the same space that would have been allowed for one house in the 1980s, builders are now being required to build three."

the new government will scrap this. The progressives wanted us penned in like rabbits in hutches. The new government is freeing the people, giving them room to breathe.

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beanlet · 06/06/2010 16:50

Errr. . . I thought the new government were the progressives??? That's what they keep calling themselves, anyway.

longfingernailspaintedblue · 06/06/2010 18:12

"Progressive" is a meaningless word. Progress is more or less inevitable, independent of politics.

claig · 06/06/2010 19:42

beanlet, you're right, everyone is using the new/old buzzword. But it is mainly a Labour, LibDem thing. You will hear people like Burnham and Miliband and Clegg use the new/old word after consulting their pagers. It is an attempt to trick people and make then think that the opposition must be regressive. It is the latest socialist ruse to dress up in sheep's clothing, now that socialism and New Labour have been discredited.

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