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Danny Alexander avoided Capital Gains Tax

36 replies

longfingernailspaintedblue · 30/05/2010 22:59

According to a new Telegraph story. er-new-Treasury-chief-avoided-capital-gains-tax-on-house.html

Seems they basically ignored the Lib Dems first time round, because they just weren't important enough, and are getting their pound of flesh now.

Hopefully this outright hypocrisy by the new Chief Secretary will kill off the insane Lib Dem plans to hike Capital Gains tax once and for all.

OP posts:
Prolesworth · 30/05/2010 23:04

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Message withdrawn

claig · 30/05/2010 23:07

Clegg will have to do some fast talking. He's an expert at that, the greater the pickle he is in, the faster he talks. The speech he makes on this one will probably be unintelligible, except to those who are fluent in Pinky and Perky talk.

Prolesworth · 30/05/2010 23:23

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beanlet · 30/05/2010 23:27

WTF is going on over at the Telegraph? Are they seriously trying to bring down the government at a time of the most acute economic crisis since the Great Depression?

claig · 30/05/2010 23:29

They probably did, but when they saw that they were all knee deep in it, they probably decided that the best policy was to keep schtumm and use the old sleight of hand trick, pointing an accusatory finger at everyone else, hoping the media would then be too busy to look at them

longfingernailspaintedblue · 30/05/2010 23:30


I distinctly remember Nick Clegg during the campaign saying none of his MPs had avoided CGT (like Hazel Blears).

Turns out that was a direct lie.

I want to coalition to succeed - and these infractions are less serious than those of so many Labour troughers - but the simple fact is that the Lib Dems have been less than honest, as a party, about their own expenses. It is coming back to bite them.

The Telegraph, as with every other media outlet (including the BBC) couldn't care less about the country. It cares about generating controversy and selling newspapers, and nothing else.

OP posts:
longfingernailspaintedblue · 30/05/2010 23:31

Remember, this is what Hazel Blears had to do when she avoided Capital Gains Tax

OP posts:
claig · 30/05/2010 23:36

I think the Telegraph is the paper of the establishment and doesn't just aim for sales. I think they have well thought out reasons for their exposes. It is fascinating that it was the establishment paper that exposed the original expenses scandal. It seems paradoxical that they would want to undermine parliament and democracy, but they must have a good reason for doing so.

Prolesworth · 30/05/2010 23:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

beanlet · 30/05/2010 23:42

I agree that Laws and Alexander have done the wrong thing, and that they're hypocrites, etc. -- and also that the Lib Dems weren't given the same kind of scrutiny over their expenses as Labour and the Tories, and that they should have been at the time.

But I'm also seriously quite scared that a bunch of unelected journalists who don't give a shit about anything but scandal could bring down the coalition or at the very least fatally undermine the Treasury by doing this now. Now we've got a government (whom I didn't vote for, BTW), I want desperately for it to work, because we will be destroyed as a country if we don't sort out the economy NOW.

The expenses stuff IS serious -- but it's not anywhere near as serious as the economic crisis, and I think the Telegraph (and all the other media outlets salivating over these stories) are being incredibly irresponsible.

beanlet · 30/05/2010 23:46

"It seems paradoxical that they would want to undermine parliament and democracy, but they must have a good reason for doing so."

There can be NO good reasons for wanting to do such a thing! Whatever party one votes for.

longfingernailspaintedblue · 30/05/2010 23:47

Kitty Ussher had to resign from a much more minor Treasury job because of exactly the same thing. 7000-tax-dodge-MPs-expenses.html

I agree that the economic crisis is the number one problem facing the country - but expenses was a massive political crisis too. The Lib Dems need to be punished just as much as Labour and the Tories for their expenses cheats - which means they need resignations, dishonour and shame heaped upon them.

There was an economic crisis last year too. That didn't stop the flood of expenses revelations - and nor should it have done.

OP posts:
claig · 30/05/2010 23:51

beanlet you are right. What I meant was, they know exactly what they are doing and why. It won't be good for the people, but it is certainly good for someone.

beanlet · 30/05/2010 23:53

It's different now, because the markets were holding their fire until they found out which party would be elected in May and therefore which policies on cutting the deficit they would be responding to. The markets don't give a damn about politicians expenses, and who has and hasn't had their arm in the till. But if we enter a period of political crisis now, because of the Telegraph et al, you can guarantee that the market backlash will be severe. We should all be very worried.

daysoftheweek · 30/05/2010 23:57

market backlash will be severe because of labours give aways over the years.

Nowt to do with expenses

longfingernailspaintedblue · 31/05/2010 00:01

Exactly daysoftheweek.

The economic mess is the fault of Labour, no-one else. As far as I can tell, they still haven't apologised for utterly destroying the British economy.

The political mess, on the other hand, is the fault of all parties. The Lib Dems are arguably the worst, because they pretended to be better than the others, when really they just didn't come clean at the same time.

OP posts:
vesela · 31/05/2010 00:04

Not even going to bother.

SchnitzelVonKrumm · 31/05/2010 00:21

Those Tory Ultras are very, very angry

longfingernailspaintedblue · 31/05/2010 00:56

I wish the Telegraph had come out with all this before the election.

OP posts:
claig · 31/05/2010 01:04

good point all of it and much more must have been known ages ago.

said · 31/05/2010 01:23

The Telegraph paid someone to release this story. Someone who was supposedly aggrieved about the lack of money being spent on the troops in Afghanistan. This same person then didn't declare this income from the Telegraph (what, with being an upstanding citizen and all that) The Telegraph, of course, knew all about this stuff pre-election but has timed it to bring down a ConDem coalition and (it hopes) bring about a tory govt.

rarebite · 31/05/2010 08:23

When the banks failed Labour saved capitalism By way of thanks to us ordinary tax payers, we are now feeling bullied by the markets to pay back fast or risk a downgraded credit rating. We should be glad of the Telegraph they are reminding us that bankers and politicians have an outrageous sense of entitlement - and expect us to pay. We, the little people, need to watch the policies of the coalition rather than just applaud. Do we agree with academies for the outstanding schools - or will this create a two tier system? Do we agree with anonymity for those accused of rape - or will this make investigation and conviction harder? Do we agree with the cuts in finding work experience for the young jobless? We can't just cheer the politicians on because they serve their own interests.

jackstarbright · 31/05/2010 09:05

"Labour saved capitalism" and

vesela · 31/05/2010 09:33

longfingernails - difference between Kitty Ussher and Danny Alexander:

Kitty Ussher made her Burnley home her main residence for one month so she could avoid CGT on the sale, and then changed it back.

Danny Alexander just benefited from the three-year tax rule that says when your main residence changes, you have three years to sell your previous main residence without paying CGT (it retains the "place of primary residence" designation for tax purposes for three years).

As the Guardian points out, he's broken neither a tax rule nor a parliamentary one. He didn't even go against the spirit of the rules - what he did wasn't flipping, it was just moving house when he was elected MP/got married in 2005 and made the Scottish house his main residence.

NoseyNooNoo · 31/05/2010 09:52

I'm heartily sick of all this. At this time we need our Government, whether it's the colour we like or not, to be concentrating on getting us out of the mess we're in. I am so angry that the Telegraph are intent on destroying any government and members of parliament that we have.

Of course the politicians can't criticise the Telegraph because that would be 'undemocratic'.

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