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so was it the MUMSNET election?

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Downdog · 12/05/2010 12:01

last MN poll have majority of MN'ers voting LibDem - not in line with how the country actually voted.

Very few visible women during the campaign. Are there to be any female cabinet ministers?

It's all been a very manly election to me - with the wives of course standing stoicly by.

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Chil1234 · 12/05/2010 14:29

I don't think it was an MN election and neither was it a Twitter or Facebook election either. I think it was very much a TV 'You Could Still Be Joseph' election... the leaders' debates making it an all-male three horse popularity contest and hogging all the limelight. Minority parties, quirky independent candidates and so forth didn't get a look in. No 'Martin Bell' capturing the headlines, for example.

Given the ridiculous fuss the press made over 'Blair's Babes' in 1997 I can understand if women kept a slightly lower profile.

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