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Interesting reading for those interested in tax rates & income

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Takver · 11/05/2010 21:26

I found this link from the national statistics service (hunt sparked off by the 50% tax rate discussion).

It makes very interesting reading - particularly table 3, which gives all taxes as a percentage of income by household income group. Its also the source of the figures quoted by the Lib Dems about the poorest 10% paying more of their income in tax than the richest. In fact the IFS make a good case here that that particular comparison is meaningless, but it is worth noting that the middle income group pay exactly the same proportion of income in tax as the richest 10%.

Figure 5 is also very interesting - showing changes in the Gini coefficient (the most common measure of income inequality) over time (0 = absolute equality, 100 = complete inequality, everything to 1 person).

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